Are you desperate to be a trendsetter?

The Week recently published an article about how hipster parents in Brooklyn are now ordering their tots “babycinnos,”  $2 drinks which are typically offered in two varieties. Little kiddos can sip on either a tiny cup of decaf cappuccino (a shot of decaffeinated espresso topped with steamed milk) or a non-coffee “coffee” consisting of nothing but frothy steamed milk and foam.

Is it a good idea? Paula Forbes at Eater thinks not, and is fully convinced that babyccinos are sure to prove a gateway vice. “First it’s decaf espresso, then it’s the real stuff, next thing you know your kid’s chain-smoking Gauloises.”

Some parents seem to be going to unreasonable lengths – at their kid’s expense – to appear hip and happenin’. What ever happened to juice boxes and Capri Suns?

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