Does creativity feed your soul, or your stomach?

In the case of Red Tomato Pizza, it’s the latter.

This pizza company in Dubai, a single-location spot that offers 32 fresh speciality combos, has developed what some are calling “the greatest pizza-related innovation of all time.” The owners have gone even a step further than Papa John’s online pizza creator by providing “VIP Magnet Button” that sits on your fridge and delivers a preset, personalized pizza whenever you push.

Check out the video posted on their website to promote the new gadget:

Intriguing? I prefer to make my own (wheat tortilla topped with mozz, tomatoes, and a hefty serving of garlic), but its still fun to wonder whether this invention provides a glimpse into the next generation.

Regardless, the clever button confirms that art is everywhere and creativity can be powerful in an unexpectedly cheesy, starchy, food-coma-inducing type of way — a way that soothes not only the soul, but also the stomach.