How do you make major life decisions?

About a week ago I arrived at a fork in the road, and now a big decision lies before me: to make a turn, embark on a brand new experience, in new territory, with new people; or else to stay steady and straight, continuing along my familiar path. I sense that both options are good, which complicates the choice.

Waves of anxiety are rolling over me at moments – like when I think about how taxing the moving process can be – and I was oh-so-tempted to pull the covers back over my head this morning and block everything out with the sweetness of sleep. Connecting with peers helped me get going, as they gently reminded me that all I have to face is the next 24 hours. Fretting about tomorrow’s troubles is most tempting but totally unnecessary, seeing as we humans aren’t designed to handle more than a day at a time.

Thankfully, my undulating fear feels tempered by an underlying peace that all will be well. Comfort comes with the recognition that neither path could ever be entirely good, bad, right, or wrong, and that if the choice I make turns south, there is no shame in backtracking or redirecting.

Sitting still and breathing deeply have been immensely helpful, keeping my spirit centered as I sense shifts and shakes around me. I’ve been trying to stay simple by asking only for knowledge of God’s will for me and for the power to carry it out. (My own and others’ experiences have me convinced that seeking to align with his loving will is the freest way of life.) That being said, listening to the promptings of the still, small voice within can be difficult enough; having the courage to trust and follow-up with action steps sometimes takes serious guts.

Wise loved ones have shared various perspectives about how to make major life decisions, and I’ve been holding their words in my heart as I place one foot in front of another. As I’ve put others’ suggestions into practice over the past week, the cloud of confusion is clearing and I sense that a final decision is near.

Tips in an email from my mamacita:

1. Think about where you want to end up, what you envision the end goal to be. Then you’ll have a clearer idea where you need to go and what steps need taking to get there.
2. Think about what skills, education, or practice you still need to advance toward your goals and passions. Does this step get you closer? 
3. Ask those whom you trust for their input and insight. 
4. Listen for inner direction from the Holy Spirit. Is there peace, or inner turmoil concerning this decision?
5. Are doors opening, or are you trying to force them open?
6. Be willing before God to stay right where you are or to go. Let go and surrender the decision. If you’re not able to do that, be willing to be made willing!

How do you make major life decisions?