Are you free from the fear of being wrong?

I came across this image and first read it as, “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” But in preparing to post it, I realized that the artwork actually says “loose.” Google informed me that Pearce’s original quote does indeed use the word lose, not loose, which makes me so dang curious – did the artist intend the substitution, or make an honest mistake? Either way, it’s brilliant.

Personally, I prefer “loose” in that it communicates process. Losing an object typically occurs in an instant, but loosing something happens sometimes quickly, but often times not. On my journey, being released from the fear of wrongness has been occurring very gradually as the truths I know in my head sink slowly into my heart, and also as the Spirit reveals fresh truths that continue to extend my vision, perspective, and the freedom that results. Though I by no means feel fully free, I’m much (much!) freer than I used to be, and that’s reason to praise God indeed.

Are you free from the fear of being wrong?