Have you been interrupted today?

Last night, two La Madeline lattes, a friend, and I stumbled our way through a discussion about a key component of the Christian way of life: self-sacrifice. I love talking with this particular woman because I always walk away enriched and enlightened by her Catholic perspective and experience.

As I see it, self-sacrifice is so multi-faceted. It’s painful. It’s purposeful. It initially can feel like a curse. It ends up being a blessing. It’s a major roadblock. It’s the path to Life. It’s resisted. It’s hungered for. It brings true freedom and joy. It’s a command. It’s an invitation. It’s emptying. It’s filling. It’s a crazy paradox.

A mentor regularly reminds me that “ministry is in the interruptions.” Its not just the volunteering that we plan to do from 2:00-3:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon, or the thoughtful phone call to a hurting friend that we make during our free time. He says (and shows by the example of his life) that sacrificial ministry occurs when others’ needs cross our radars at the most inconvenient times, like when our energy is depleted and a short snooze sounds infinitely better than freely given service, especially for a stranger. In big and little ways – each and every day, if we’re listening – Jesus asks us to deny ourself for the sake of others.

Have you been interrupted today?