Are you absorbing every moment?

“Can-do” attitudes are contagious. I experienced this in Africa, surrounded by kids who are hand-in-hand overcoming obstacle-ridden circumstances, and I see it again and again in recovery and counseling psychology circles. When one person chooses life, another is often inspired…”Maybe I will, too.”

Illustrator Eric Smith is a man whose resilient spirit has affected many. Faced with three different types of cancer, he used his creative talents to launch a collaborative art project celebrating the gift of life, which has since been published in book form: Live Now: Artful Messages of Hope, Happiness & Healing. 

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Smith explains,

Some time ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Instantly perspective changed within me! The fearful, human part of my being wanted to resist this disease, label it as “bad”, and be at the mercy of this situation. But the essence of my spirit knew that this situation could not be isolated from the hidden harmony I seek to follow each day. Having my physical life threatened, provoked within me a strong separation between my spiritual and physical being. Although my physical body was being attacked … my spiritual essence was untouchable.

My experience with cancer was this; Live Now! Cancer changed the way I ate, slept, and most importantly, the way I live. Before cancer I was like most folks, just cruising along. It was during my treatment, when I started to discover what cancer could gift to me – the ability to absorb every moment as if each one were my whole life. The Live Now Project was born!

Living life fully awake is an ideal to pursue, one that we can take steps towards each day through moments of stillness, deep breaths, sensory awareness, heightened attention, and inner/outer connectedness. Occasionally we may be jolted into the present moment by unanticipated and sometimes painful wake up calls, but we can also step into each quickly passing minute more softly by listening to the gentle whisper that beckons us to pause and perceive. Notice. Don’t miss this. Count the blessings around, and let gratitude swell inside. The kingdom of heaven is at hand; God is now. Praise!

Are you absorbing every moment?