Are you content today?

Con•tent•ment, noun. Satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else. Peace of mind.

Contentment is a blessed state. A few years back I was convicted on how restless I was, haunted by a more-more-more mindset that was driving and destroying me. As I began to pray for growth in this area, my eyes were gradually opened to recognize God’s hands at work, slowly shaping a new perspective. About that time, my New Yorker cartoon calendar gave me a visual reminder that still hangs at my bedside:  
Can you relate? The lesson then seeped from head to heart when I relocated from New York City to Abilene, Texas – two opposite ends of the excitement spectrum. My environment was flipped upside down; no longer did the Sunday Times offer an endless array of exhilarating, enriching activities to fill my days and nights. Instead, I was led to the desert – literally – and presented with the opportunity to face my insides. Looking back, it was the best gift God has ever given me. It didn’t feel like that at the time.

Now I can smile when outsiders, often baffled at my choice of locale, jokingly slam Abilene. The town itself may not be much (although that’s debatable) but the secret is that contentment doesn’t care what’s going on all around. Rather, it’s an inner state that rises above circumstances and finds gratitude even in the most surprising spaces.

Are you content today?