Do you find pop-tarts funny?

20121231-120346.jpgUpon my very first introduction to pop-tarts—sometime back in early elementary—I was lovestruck, especially captivated by those purple with a splash of turquoise Wild Berry ones.  Somehow, when that cardboard box with silvery-wrapped, icing-coated pastries sat on the pantry shelf, waking up for school didn’t seem so bad.

My entirely non-nutritious love affair was wonderful while it lasted, but ended years ago with a bittersweet break…rational brain knew it was best to let go; eyes and tastebuds weren’t so convinced.

Once in a while I’ll catch sight of a package in a vending machine and nostalgia will bubble to the surface. A similar situation happened a couple of days ago when the On Being blog posted a brief pop-tart commentary by Jerry Seinfeld in which he explains where he uncovers humor and how to tell a joke. For years I was fully aware that even the thought of a pop-tart could make me grin, but who knew that such an ingenious breakfast invention could also trigger an out-loud chuckle?

As Seinfeld makes clear, life is sweet and comedy is truly all around, often hidden in unexpected packages. He seems to live in a continual search for the silly amid the serious, and I welcome his perspective as an invitation to keep my eyes open and embrace today with a light-hearted spirit ready to laugh.

Do you find pop-tarts funny?