Who do you know that displays great courage?

Courage is very attractive to me, and it’s a quality that I desire to develop more and more until whichever day I die. To help foster this growth, I try to build relationships with bold people, like those who dare to let others see their struggles, to listen to and follow God’s lead, to love big, to speak the truth, and to do the next right thing even when it isn’t the easy option. It seems that fear freezes, deceives, imprisons, tightens, and shrinks life so small. Courage, on the other hand, continually frees, enlivens, and expands.

There is a common thread that runs through many of the courageous folks who I admire: they have spent time and effort cultivating a close relationship with their Creator and truly trust that the spirit of God is caring for them on a daily basis. They have been convinced deep down that they are fully accepted and loved. They don’t deny having doubts or fears or frustrations, but in spite of these wavering feelings they choose to act on faith that God is good and always has their best interest in mind.

Indiana_JonesTaking time to be still and seek God’s direction, and then being willing to follow are not always painless, simple, or steady steps. In fact, that path often seems risky and entirely unrewarding. Nonetheless, I’ve observed that many people who display incredible courage have committed to imperfectly living this unpredictable life of faith as best as they can.

Who do you know that displays great courage?