Do you laugh at yourself and pray for your leaders?

Yesterday morning I had a chance to watch the live stream of the George W. Bush Presidential Library dedication ceremony. I particularly enjoyed President Clinton’s wisecracks about W.’s nude self-portraits (if you didn’t catch his speech, the digs start at 2:24 in the video below), mostly because they revealed W.’s endearing ability to laugh at himself (2:47). What a wonderful way to live.

Observing all five living U.S. Presidents sitting on stage alongside one another also led me to consider the enormous stress each of these men have had to weather over the years. The daily decisions, responsibilities, worries, wounds, speeches, criticisms, missteps, setbacks, disagreements, attacks, obstacles, failures, fears, blunders, stalemates, wars, budgets, schedules…not to mention the pressures of trying to fulfill their family roles as husbands and fathers. Their burdens seem beyond comprehension.

Sometimes I’m tempted to think my own life is too tough, but yesterday I was reminded yet again that my load is actually quite light, and that political leaders surely need serious prayer support, both from those near to them and those far away.

Do you laugh at yourself and pray for your leaders?