What does friendship mean to you?

Companionship—the “journeying with” kind of relationship that can last a lifetime—has been on my heart and mind here lately. Such an intimate alliance seems to be a divine gift that can’t be forced and must be held with open hands, but also must be chosen and actively nurtured. Just yesterday a relevant post showed up in my inbox, introducing me to a beautiful pledge from one peer to another…

I offer you the gift of my friendship:
To accept you and affirm you.
To believe in you and be there for you.
To support your dreams and support your arms.
To give you the gift of knees in prayer
To give you the gift of hands in help
To give you the gift of heart in friendship.
I offer you the gift of being your Jonathan, your Barnabas, your Ruth,
by the grace of Jesus alone.

The author also included a joint commitment for the hard times:

We will offer each other the gift of
forgiveness when we fail
grace when we fall down
mercy when we’re messy
because we’re the ones forgiven of much
lavished with His grace
freed into whole skies of mercy.

I like that.

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What does friendship mean to you?