What are you keeping hidden inside?

Knowing of my current fascination with all things Texas, a friend sent me a quote today out of a Katharine Hepburn personal biography she’s reading. Her text put a big grin on my face.


50fa597d53e06303b80ba59a2fcad303Who can fault Katharine for hiding her girlish affections from that rugged 6’4″ hunk of a man? Surely we can all relate—whether it’s butterflies, criticisms, admiration or envy, it’s human nature (and often healthy) to keep “embarrassing” or “unacceptable” thoughts and feelings tucked privately within.

I wonder how differently this world would look if all of our insides consistently matched our outsides, and if everyone chose to share openly rather than to screen. I wonder if always knowing how others truly felt would be freeing or unbearably overwhelming.

But more importantly, having now heard of Katharine’s tender heart towards the Duke, I sure wonder how he felt about her.

What are you keeping hidden inside?